About trading

You can buy and sell Bitfan points.

You can earn Bitfan points just by playing, such as joining a fan club, participating in events, purchasing goods, and participating in SNS. In "Trade", you can sell your Bitfan points with an arbitrary amount. You can also buy Bitfan points that have been sold and increase your own points. It is a happy system for everyone to help return 10% of the transaction amount to the owner who issues Bitfan points.

The trading function can only be enjoyed in the app.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is an application that allows you to buy Bitfans that have been saved and to buy Bitfans that have been sold.
It is a service dedicated to iOS or Android applications.
Not exchangeable.
Yes, you can. However, SKIYAKI ID and various fan site IDs cannot be used.

Bitfan guide

To start Bitfan, you need a Bitfan ID.
You can earn points for all services.

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