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The following environment is recommended when using the Bitfan website and application.

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・ Windows
 Latest version of Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome

・ Mac(Macintosh)
 Latest version of Safari / Google Chrome

Mobile phone

・ iOS
 OS:iOS 14.0 or higher

・ Android
 OS:Android 7.0 or higher
 Browser:Latest version of Google Chrome 

※Tablet devices are not supported.
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※Safari updates are installed as part of macOS updates, so please update your OS to the latest version.

■ Bitfan App

・ iOS
 iOS 15.0 or higher

・ Android
 Android 8.0 or higher

■ Bitfan Pass App

・ iOS
 iOS 14.0 or higher

・ Android
 Android 7.0 or higher

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