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Functions list

A convenient function is provided for creating and operating a fan club.

Monthly fee setting

You can set your own monthly fee for fan club members

Content posting

Post photos, videos, texts, whatever you want

Design editing

You can choose fonts, themes and set logos

Point grant

Earn Bitfan points for site visits and membership registrations

Video upload

Upload videos in any format you like.

Chip function

You can pay tips for content. See Here for details.

Membership number

When you become a paid member, your membership number will be issued.

Google services

You can embed Google Calendar and Google Map.

Installation of banner

You can freely set a banner.

Member-only content

You can post keyed content only for paid members.


There is such a fan club


Frequently Asked Questions

It can be widely used as an official site for artists, creators, bloggers, companies, etc. and as a place for information dissemination.
In addition, it has a function for those who want to start a fan club service such as content distribution for paid members only.
Compatible with PCs and smartphones.
You can use all functions for free.
Anyone can open a monthly fee-based paid fan club.
However, in order to withdraw the sales of the fan club, you need to confirm your identity separately.

Bitfan guide

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You can earn points for all services.

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