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To sell tickets, register the event and detailed ticket information from the management screen as an owner. Registered tickets can be purchased from the bitfanPASS app. Ticketing is for applications that have performed incoming authentication, which will help prevent resale. On the day, you can manage admission smoothly by electronically cutting tickets issued on the application.

Ticket purchase can be enjoyed with the app "bitfanPASS".



Functions list

We have functions to support safe and smooth event operation.

Electronic ticket

Entrance management can be performed simply by cutting the electronic ticket on the screen.

Free sales commission

Seller's sales commission is free.

Abundant payment methods

Creca, convenience store payment, PayPal are available.
* Payment methods other than Creca will be added at a later date

Distribution function

Tickets can be assigned to each account.

Point grant

Bitfan points will be awarded upon purchase and entry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The bitfanPASS app is an application that allows you to purchase and issue tickets registered with bitfan.
Anyone with a bitfanID can use it.
Tickets can be purchased from the bitfanPASS app. The list of tickets currently on sale can be displayed from the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the app.
Select the event you want to join from here, and select the date and time to purchase.
Please bring the bitfanPASS app when you enter and open the ticket screen. If you tap on the screen and perform a specific action, the ticket will be broken and you will enter.
When selling tickets, you need to register an event, register a ticket, and register a sales method. By registering these, you can purchase from the bitfanPASS app.

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