About chips

You can pay tips for your favorite content.

Give a heart to the owner from the button to tip
Send messages with 5 hearts

The content of the owner who uses the tip function has a tip button. You can support the owner's activities by purchasing and giving a heart from there.
One heart is 100 yen, and you can give a message when you give more than 5 hearts. In addition, heart buyers will receive Bitfan points.
Let's tip your favorite articles and favorite articles to convey your feelings.


Frequently Asked Questions

[If you want to receive a heart] Only owners using the fan club function can receive a heart.
[If you want to give a heart] If you have a Bitfan ID, you can purchase a heart and give it.
If the person you want to give has the tip feature turned on, there is a "Tip" button in the fan club article of the owner you want to give, so you can purchase from there.
You can check the message sent from "mypage"-> "Tip / History".
There is no refund for heart purchases under any circumstances. Please be careful.
Hearts can be purchased from 100 yen each. You can purchase up to 500 pieces or 50,000 yen at a time.

Bitfan guide

To start Bitfan, you need a Bitfan ID.
You can earn points for all services.

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