I want to delete my Bitfan account.

Please read the notes below before making a Withdrawal request for your Bitfan account.

※Withdrawing from a Bitfan account is different from canceling a paid membership.

 Please click here for details on canceling your paid membership.

・All of your account information, point data you have acquired, and messages you have received will be lost.

・You will no longer be able to use services associated with your Bitfan account, such as viewing archived videos and using tickets (including Bitfan Pass).

・Any wallet balance that has not been applied for withdrawal will be lost.

・We will not be able to restore any information that has been deleted as a result of your withdrawal.

Withdrawal request will be completed by email sent from "".

If your application is rejected for any reason, you will be notified by email as well, so please be sure to check your email.

※Please note that it may take up to 3 business days to process your application.

If you agree to all of the above, please click "Withdrawal request" to complete the procedure.

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