I want to cancel my VIP membership.

The cancellation procedure differs depending on the method of VIP membership registration.

If you joined via the web

(1) Go to "My Page" > "Following List" > "VIP member" and access the "Membership Information".

(2) Click the "Unregister the membership" button on the page to cancel your membership.

For details on how to cancel your membership, please refer to the Bitfan Guide "How to cancel my VIP membership(*Japanese)".

If you joined through Bitfan App

(1) Open the top page of the fanclub you want to cancel your membership, and tap "To VIP membership info" at the bottom of the page.

(2) Tap "Membership cancellation" at the bottom of the page to cancel your membership.

If you have joined through Bitfan App, you will need to cancel your Apple subscription or Google Play subscription by yourself.

Please refer to the following for cancellation procedures.

Click here if you are using the iOS app.

Click here if you are using the Android app.

Please note that if you re-join within the following month after canceling your membership, your membership number and date of admission will be transferred.

If you want to delete your Bitfan account information, please click here.

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